Every Cover, Every Issue: Guaranteed

You’ll see the same thing, every month, every cover, every issue, guaranteed: On Cosmo: upper left-hand corner, an article promoting some significantly high number of Sex Secrets On Men’s Health: declarative headline on How to get Flat Abs   00

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Civil Courage

Civil Courage– conversing, relating, sharing ideas with people who think differently than you, representing your ideas, standing up for your ideas, yet doing so in a kind, gracious and considerate manner. 00

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Three Steps to Pursuing Happiness**

[**previously published in “The Gang Magazine”] When my daughter Nikki was a little girl, she asked me, “What is happiness?” “Hmm,” I thought, “she’s a little young to be asking about that, but here goes: ‘It’s the male organ used…

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Regrets? Who, me?

Heck yeah I have regrets! I wish I could do my kids over again. I wasn’t mentally prepared for child one – and my lifecycle and pace of living was such that I didn’t get– change that to “make” –enough…

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Parents–Stay in Touch

It is the wise parent who stays in touch with their children. Don’t expect a child to stay in touch with you. Reach out consistently to them, for you are the wise one and they may be confused or deceived.…

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Character, Dreams and Pure Joy

Testing your faith is also testing your character. As water reflects your face, so your heart reflects ‘you’. How is your heart in the face of trials, set-backs, on-slogging disappointments? can you believe your best is yet to come? Can…

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How We Raised Three Passionate Daughters*

(*Previously published in The Gang Magazine) We have three daughters—Nikki, Michelle, and Shayna—and one much younger son, Casey. I remember leaving the hospital after Nikki was born, going to some Denny’s type restaurant in Burbank, bumming a cigarette (I don’t normally…

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Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret

I love adventuring, going to new places — or even tramping old favorite grounds. I’ve been cycling & camping in Mammoth, CA in July when it snowed!!! Cabining with my son at a Boy Scout camp in the Pacific Palisades, conferencing…

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Greed Satiated

What if Getting Everything I Want was the answer to satiating greed? You could solve my problem: give me everything I want. Everything I want, Everything I need, Give to me, give to me Satiate my greed. God, you’re all…

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Prayer vs Good thoughts

Good news with distinction: I’m not just ‘sending thoughts your way’, I’m praying for you. When I pray for you, I’m talking to God. When I send thoughts your way, you’ll get an email or a text. 00

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Life Change

“We see information on health soaring, and yet we have seen an increase in obesity adult diabetes and other preventable preventable diseases. “We see information on finances everywhere, yet a rising debt and mismanaged money. Information needs to be coupled…

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Need Evidence?

Need evidence? Actions demonstrate beliefs. It’s what we do, not what we say That puts our faith upon display. Sure, listen all day to what they say, but if you really need to know who they are: Watch what they…

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Pack Your Own Bag

My 12 year old son and I were going on a weekend trip to the mountains. He asked me to pick out his clothes to pack his travel bag. I’m a fathering father, so my answer was “You do it.…

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    I’ve staked my hope & future on the grace of God, –and I hope He keeps it coming my way, otherwise i’m screwed. For my life has had two recurring themes, Try and Fail. Neither look good on…

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Solving Problems: Step One

  A mentor once told me whenever I have a problem, the first thing to do is step to the mirror and ask, “Could it be me? Am I the source of the problem? am I doing something wrong here?…

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