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“Plan for tomorrow, yes, but live for Today”—Tommy Barnett


A longtime friend recently reminded me to ‘Work with your margins, maintain your balance, and be less critical of yourself. Recall your earlier life when you always lived ‘in the future’, always dreamed about the future, thought about the future, worried for your future success. By worrying about tomorrow you missed so many todays.

If you worry about tomorrow, you will miss today; by missing today, you mar your past— for today’s delights are tomorrow’s pleasant memories.

He said plan for tomorrow, yes, but live for Today.

If possible, seek to parse your goals into tiny bite-sized daily steps. Today is the day. Better to practice guitar 10 minutes a day every day, rather than once a week for two hours.

Today is the day to Love, today the day to give yourself away, to live in love for the now. Make Today a great day, and you will string a series of great days together. In so doing, you will build a great life.