the boy’s eyes

     At age 11, my son Casey was an enthusiastic novice. Those things I’d seen so many times—the road, the bridge, the people, the view—are fresh to him, and with newness he LIVES! I see through his eyes, his perspective—he changes my channel, refreshes my vision, revives my soul, elasticizes that which had dried & categorized into ‘Been there/Done that’.
     “Look, Dad! The man’s got a bald head!”
      How’s the orange juice, son? “It’s tastes squeezey!”
     “Look, Dad! I can see my breath!”
     “You know what, Dad: Girls are made of tampons, boys are made of sand.”
     “Hey Dad, listen to this!” He shrieks, pauses, belches (deeply like a frog), smiles and says, “Isn’t that obnoxious?” 
     He reminds to skip the ‘Been there/Done that’ attitude or I’ll miss those moments.
     Oxygen is nothing new, we suck it in every 4 seconds or so—he reminds me to taste it! How’s your oxygen taste today? sweet? chilled? sooty? brownish? How’s the ground? How are the leaves doing? Sunrise? what’s happening with ol’ Mister Sun—peering thru gray blocks? raining? Just coming back for springtime? Warming things up? 
     Taste it! Feel it! Sophisticate your life with a refined discernment of the particulars—not for snobbery but for pleasure, an ever deepening palate of experiences. After all, our days are numbered–so let’s number our days and make each one rich with experience and love!

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