I am reading two books by Jocko Willink—actually re-reading ‘Extreme Ownership’, and ‘Discipline Equals Freedom’

Jocko is a Navy Seal and was the commander of Seal Team 3, task unit: Bruiser, the same unit American Sniper Chris Kyle served with in the battle of Ramadi (American Sniper Chris Kyle was part of his team); then led training for Navy seals.

Two weeks ago, Sunday evening, before leaving for travel to east coast next day, I dreamt I would meet Jocko in the airport and get my picture taken with him. [Odd dream, because it wasn’t that i ‘had’ met Jocko, but rather that I ‘would’ meet Jocko.]

Odd dream.

Five days later, Friday, at Laguardia airport in NYC,  with plenty of time between connections, having been misdirected to the wrong terminal for my flight, I was walking through snack shop and—big guy, short hair walked by me. Is that?…I looked at him—I’d only seen his picture on a book. He immediately sensed he was being watched and looked back at me, made eye contact.

“Are you… Jocko Willink?”


Flustered—and I’m normally not so—I babbled a half-dozen compliments and gratitude for service. He kindly received the compliments then deflected, asked me a few questions which I willingly answered—he clearly seasoned at setting people at ease, and I clearly not relaxing. I’m with the author of two books actively being read, and I could not think of a single question to ask! Some chit chat, I thanked him, turned to walk away and remembered: the picture.

Turning back, said “I’m not normally a fan boy, but ah—can I take a picture with you?”



Question: I dreamt it was going to happen. It happened.  Is this some type of God-given signal?

What do I do with this?