Guitar: a Friend for Life

A young teen i know is reluctantly taking guitar lessons; he mopes along and neglects to apply himself. Maybe guitar isn’t his thing, I don’t know—but I wish to encourage him, because for me, the guitar has been a loyal, lifelong friend—and even during two long, lonely decades of neglect when i didn’t touch the instrument, my guitar waited faithfully in the corner. 


Hard to believe I went so long without playing. An obsessive focus on Work took it’s toll.


Now that I’m back, here’s what I’ve found (remembered): There have been moments of sorrow, moments of loneliness, moments of regret, when yes, I have turned to God and He has helped in his inimitable way, as only He can muster recovery; and yet in those passages, found remarkable consolation with my good friend, the guitar. An avenue of expression, a channel of consolation, a valve of release, a spout for tears, a conduit of sorrows, a purge of emotion, —a lovely distraction, amiable alliance, tool of expression, isle of enjoyment, friend. 


The guitar is my friend—and once again, yes once again—do not forget this, mister Dirk: it was GOD who reminded me to pick up the guitar after decades of neglect. God told me, ‘Not for fame nor profession—this is between you & me: just practice guitar’. And to the degree that I have obeyed God–my counsellor, mentor, my Father—to the degree that i have followed his advice, in direct proportion has my joy blossomed. Less than a month into practicing after decades of neglect, I sat upstairs in our tiled bathroom (love to play in that reverb room), —i sat playing with tears rolling my cheeks, choked up over the forgotten joy of ‘just practicing’, of playing my guitar.


I would be more fruitful if I followed Him more often. Even at my age, i am an apprentice—still seeking, still learning, still experiencing, still growing, still surprised and delighted by his thoughtful caring grace and guidance. 


And so too for you: God loves you. And he likely has some type of guitar for you.


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  1. Pascal Bossan

    oh my dearest friend from U.S. ! i’ll remember the sound of your guitar until i close my eyes…so happy to see you did not move an inch. Here ,in France we’d say "un pouce". i come back from our musical infancy,PASCAL is my name and Bossan my surname .la rue Madame still echoes of laughs and guitar chords and you’re right Mate , as long as i’ll breathe i’ll keep on carrying MY guitar on my back . it’s not a guitar for concert but it still sounds authenticity .i pray strongly to have recognized you on the Youtube site.May be you’ll have the time to answer my comment . i still have a recording of the song we played at Maison Diocésaine ,1977 more or less, "Pop Concerto Orchestra ",… and "my Sweet Lord too"…God bless you my friend.Pascal

    • Dirk Mullenger

      Pascal!! I can’t tell you how great it is to hear from you!! Merci beaucoup for writing! My francais is horrible, mon vieux, I never get a chance to parle.

      Let’s take this conversation offline. Are you on Facebook? if so, friend me. If not, email me at

      God bless you!


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