You want to talk spiritual truths? It’s not that complicated. Jesus said everything flows from two major principles: Love God as our Father, and Love our Neighbors as ourselves. 


I think complication stems from the power-hungry, those who want to exert control over others and gain control for themselves. —not gain control ‘of’ themselves, but ‘for’ themselves. 


Here’s their formula. 

1. Complicate truths. 

2. Dictate those truths as mandatory for well-being. 

3. Promote themselves as sole purveyors of those truths. 

4. Sign people up as their disciples. 


‘Hey wait a second’, you say, ‘are you simple-minded? it’s not that simple, life is complicated.’ 


Yes, life can be complicated, and yes there are complexities. But many foundational  truths are not complicated. As my daughter one said, quoting I don’t who: The world is shallow and complex; God is simple and deep. 


How complicated is Love? How complex is it to care for others? —not that I hold myself up as an example…so let’s look at Mother Theresa. She kept it very, very simple. Very direct. She Loved people by caring for them in their passage of death. Her simplicity therefore was profound. She carried profound ballast, her words stung true, her essence unassailable. 


So wrestle with the simple. Gain control over yourself. Love God as your Father, and Love your neighbor as yourself.