Month: November 2013

Violence Control

Two foundational questions to consider in the violence/tyranny/gun control discussion:

1. Do you believe in evil? 

2. If so, how do you contend with it? 

Snared by your deeds

Deeds, not Words. You will be known by your deeds. It’s what you do that illustrates who you are. ‘What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say’–Emerson


This includes your faith.

If someone says “He was a faithful man”, the inquiring mind will want to know: “What did he do?”

Silence supports the status quo

“Silence is not a neutral position, whatever your intentions. Silence automatically supports the status quo. When you are a presence that lacks a voice, you create an empty space that another voice – a dominating voice that knows no boundaries – is only too happy to fill.” –Justine Musk

Why not?

You tell me; then you’ll qualify for your own blogpost. But in the meantime, i’ll say why. 

Because Kid President said so.

So did Casey. So there. 

What will you create to make the world more awesome? Kid President said that too.


              I just made bloggy blog… its fun and so are you…. don’t be a gangster….

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